Every time we think a thought a Pathway is either created or reinforced. The more often this Pathway is traveled the more engrained it becomes, which is why when we practice something it gets easier!

Brain integration is a non-invasive, research based therapy that is designed to improve the flow of information along these Pathways within the brain.

Brain integration combines the same acupressure principles that have been used in the East for thousands of years with principles of applied physiology that were developed in the West in just this last century.  Together they work to clear out imbalances and improve the electromagnetic functioning within the brain.

While working on her degree in neuroscience at Swinburne University, Susan McCrossin, A.P.developed the Brain Integration Techniqueafter many years of research.  Using SSVEP, she recorded pre and post BIT treatment data.

The results were impressive! This data suggested that after receiving BIT treatment, 100% of test subjects, previously diagnosed with learning disabilities, showed an increase in cortical activity that is consistent with increased attention and decision making activities.

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."        -Siddhartha Gautama

Figure 1 registers cortical activity in the brain of an ADD subject, who before treatment, shows no indication of frontal lobe activity (ie: paying attention and the ability to reason) during decision making.

Figure 2 shows significant frontal lobe activity present in the same subject's decision making after receiving BIT

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Watch this informative video to see Susan and the Brain Integration Technique at work...