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Brain Integration frees the brain to be able to acquire information easily. After the integration process is complete, tutoring may be necessary in order to assist a student to bridge the gap.

Using multiple intelligence theory, sensory mapping, and whole brain teaching, every student's personal strengths are utilized to help them realize those goals that are yet to be achieved.

Private One on One Sessions

K- adult reading

K-6 math

Small Group Sessions

K-3 reading or math

4-6 reading or math

6-8 reading

Learning is a survival skill. It should come naturally and joyfully. If it does not come easily then we must find the root cause and remove it: Nutrition, Stress, and Environment all play their part.

                                                                                          I will walk the journey with you. We will find the path where the forest clears.

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Attachment Parenting

Stress may have the most devastating impact on overall health and learning of all. Current neuroscience research is proving that Attachment Parenting may very well be the answer we've been looking for-the vaccination against environmental stressors and the cause of resiliency.

Attachment Parenting International's parent education program is a revolutionary new approach to parent education. More than a parenting class focusing on short term solutions, API's program is a comprehensive series of classes for every stage and age of child development through adulthood. Parent Educators, certified by API, give parents the confidence they need to develop a nurturing, connected relationship with their children.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on available workshops, or to book a workshop for your agency.


Food, mood, and cognition are inextricably linked. Without the proper nutrients, the body is incapable of functioning at its full potential.

For Parents

Join me at a L.E.A.N. Workshop (part of Dr. Sears Wellness Institute) for practical solutions and innovative activities to keep kids healthy.

You'll learn which ingredients in food affect behavior, sleep, concentration, and energy levels, what food manufacturers ARE NOT telling you, and what might be making you and your child sick.

For Everyone

Nutritional Deficiency Assessments

Antioxidant Capacity and Risk Assessments

Health Check Solutions

Omega 3s

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