When I was younger, I wanted to be a research scientist. I wanted to put on waders and collect water samples. I wanted to pour over microscopes and study slides filled with pond slime. I dreamt of the day I'd discover a new species of frog after living in the Amazon jungle and studying indigenous plant species, all while cataloging possible cures for cancer.

While in my freshman year of college, advisers convinced me the scientific community wasn't overflowing with employment opportunities and maybe I would enjoy teaching instead?

I settled for specializing in science while earning a degree in elementary education.  At first I wasn't too fired up about teaching.  Yes, there were plenty of teaching jobs out there, and I would get paid, which was a plus.  But it wasn't as cool as getting paid to play in mud and live in thatch tents in the Amazon!

     But then something amazing happened, I realized all the things I loved about science also happened in the classroom.  In order to be an effective teacher I had to analyze, make hypotheses,

Which Path Will You Choose?

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observe, draw conclusions, and most importantly I had to connect. I discovered not only was I having fun, I was GOOD at it. Teaching became more than a paycheck, it became a passion. In every corner of my world teaching has become my background color.  And, I've got to play in mud more than a few times. 

     I've frequently wondered what my life would have looked like had I chosen a different path, had I veered left instead of right.Would I have found just as much fulfillment if I had chosen differently? I might not ever know.  But I think the key is to find the joy and wholeness in what is in front of you. That wholeness can be found when there is balance within, which is the goal of Brain Integration.

     If you're on this page there's a good chance you're finding yourself at your own crossroads. I hope the information contained here can help you decide which path to choose....

...And together we can clear the                

pathways to YOUR success.